Mezzanave Restaurant & Bar

In early 2014 the client entrusted us the design and project development of a restaurant in the newly constructed headquarters of large marine shipping company. Being closely tied with the shipping company’s headquarters where the restaurant will be located, the client envisioned the space where the marine theme is carried throughout. Due to the large size of the restaurant and challenging program, we proposed dividing the space in several segments which will all have unique ambiance and carry a variation of the marine theme. In that way the complexity of interior space is broken into several segments that each function in their own right, yet the overall flow of the space is preserved. Perhaps the most prominent element life on board a cargo ship is allocation of the communal spaces according to the ranks. Following that principle, we created a formal dining area to be reminiscent of the officer’s mess with black upholstered armchairs and bespoke banquette seating arranged in two distinct lines. In contrast, the bar area and adjacent long stainless steel table is modeled on crew mess with the utilitarian aspect being of utmost priority. There guests sit on bar high chairs, the table is set without a tablecloth, usage of stainless steel and chrome is extensive, overall a more casual dining area is formed.


The outdoor area is spread over a total of five terraces positioned in front of each of the building’s facades. This arrangement allows the guests to find suitable space (a shade or full sunshine) no matter what the time of the day it is. In order to break the uniformity of the terraces, each of them is created in a slightly different way. The largest terrace is formed by raised deck and 6 large awnings. Marine theme is carried trough using light aluminum chairs and tables that give the space airy and light feeling. Predominantly white furniture is broken by section of red chairs and tables that compliment buildings red architectural details. Other terraces are created with slight alterations of the main theme. Different furniture creates a more urban seaside feeling, a bar chair and high tables a more casual dining and cafe area. Just like in the interior each terrace carries its own variation of an overall theme, yet the overall flow of the space is preserved.


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