Renovation of the Ex-historic Garden

Project deals with highly degraded existing condition of villa with its garden. Intention is to return the complex to its original condition wherever it is possible. The most important element of this renovation is ensuring that remaining garden element are returned to their original state and function so the whole garden can be seen as one entity, and can function as intended. The main walkway covered with pergola and that sits directly in front of the house is the last garden element that remained in its full form and function, after reconstruction it will serve as center peace for the whole garden. Besides that it is planned to reconstruct rain water collection system that collected rainwater from the roof and the main walkway in front of the house.

Planting has been chosen so it follows principles of garden design in renaissance period as well as to ensure proper presentation of the garden as whole. Central part of the garden, a large space intended for planing, has no remains of original planting scheme, therefore low planting has been designed to emphasis garden composition and structure.