Iceland Trekking Cabin competition

competition by Bee Breeders ─ Architecture Competition Organisers

Competition entry

The landscape of Iceland is, geologically speaking, a young one. It is an impressive, ever-changing world in which one can experience power of the nature on daily basis. Tracking trough this environment is more than just walking from point A to point B, t is an experience that teaches one how small the people are in comparison with forces that created our world. In that sense, a cabin should be, on one hand, a part of the landscape, not an imitation, but a logical and direct result of the environment it is placed in. Still in the other hand, a cabin should be warm and welcoming place to come to after a long wilderness walk.

Starting from the function, the cabin is formed by three volumes: living & dining, service, and sleeping volume. On that functional scheme, the geometry of the surrounding landscape is applied/translated therefore creating sharp roof lines and irregular floor plan.  In order to create a distinction between the cabin and its immediate surroundings, the whole structure is lifted and placed on a rather small concrete base, which in same process creates an entrance terrace and a room for cabin’s services.

The resulting cabin forms is a direct translation of its surroundings, and yet still a distinct volume that floats above the ground, allowing Iceland’s landscape to ‘move’, and to continue to evolve.

As sharp contrast is the cabin’s interior. The whole interior, floors, walls and ceilings are cover by wood panels, giving the cabin a warm and welcoming feeling. Large glass walls frame the views and ensure good natural lighting.

Spatial attention in the design process has been given to the sleeping area, where bunk beds are designed in such way to create a small cozy place for each hiker, but still provide great functionality with large storage bins, writing desk….

In all, the cabin is far from just a place to stay overnight. It is a part of hiking adventure.